HUB Diaries: Ryder Korczak

Hey Warrior fans, it’s Ryder Korczak, #38 for the Moose Jaw Warriors.

So far, my experience in the bubble has been everything, including fun.  Obviously being in a bubble is a bit different and maybe out of some people’s comfort zone, but the guys are bonding during the downtime we have.  Whether that is playing cards, ping pong, or video games, we are enjoying the time that we have together.  Personally, I had everything I need, my guitar, AirPods, laptop and some video games.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit difficult for me after suffering an upper-body injury.  The injury took me out of the game I love playing. I was pretty bummed out at first, not being able to help the team win games, but then I realized my injury’s out of my control. I had a great recovery plan and sooner than later I was back with the boys. Tuesday, April 6th was my first practice since my injury and I felt 100%. It feels nice to see the guys and be back in the lineup and contribute to my team’s success.

As some of you may know, I am outgoing and not very shy. Back in March when our whole team finished our quarantine and we were able to finally see each other, minutes after I filled a garbage can full of water and tipped it on Jagger Firkus, Riley Niven, Braden Miller, and Calder Anderson’s door. I knocked and quickly ran back to my room, and as they opened it expecting someone to be there, the water went all over the floor and Niven’s face was priceless. It gave my roommates and me a good laugh. These are some of the fun times we share together. It has been a challenge, but we are making the most of the situation we are in.

Thought I would share a funny story with you all. I hope you enjoyed it.

I am halfway through this experience and I do not want it to end. I’m expecting more laughs and more wins throughout April with this amazing group we have. Take care Warrior fans. Stay safe and hope to see you guys soon. I quickly want to thank my coaches and staff for being here with us away from their families.  As we all know, without their commitment we would not be able to play the game we love.


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