Payroll Deductions

Warriors Season Tickets Payroll Deduction Plan

The Moose Jaw Warriors are pleased to offer a benefit your company’s employees. The Warriors Season Tickets Payroll Deduction Plan
! This benefit program is simple; any employee(s) at your company can purchase Warriors Season Tickets through you and have a specified amount taken off their pay check(s) over a period of up to 12 months.

Your company’semployees advise how many season tickets they would like, and in turn your company is invoiced for the total amount of the tickets; it will be up to your discretion over what period of time the money is deducted off your employees pay check.

Warriors Season Ticket Deadlines are still applicable with this program, if employee’s sign up for the program before August 29th, 2011 they are eligible for the “Early Bird” deal at $420 +Applicable taxes/charges. If they sign up after, the price will be $450+ Applicable taxes/charges.

This is a great additional benefit to offer your employees, as the Warriors only offer specific payment plans; the Payroll Deduction Plan is easier & more convenient for working individuals who may not necessarily be able to afford paying a lump sum for season tickets.

For more information or to sign your company up for the Warriors Season Ticket Payroll Deduction Plan contact: Attention: Corey Nyhagen Attention: Pete Iatridis