Mortimer J. Moose

Warriors Mascot

Name: Mortimer J Moose
Nicknames: Morty, Mortimer
Place of birth: Wakamow Valley, Moose Jaw
Birthdate: January 12, 2009
Height: 7’5” (in his skates)
Weight: 570 lbs (and growing!)
Local relatives: Mac the Moose (4th cousin)

Favourite Food: McDonalds French Fries with a Large Chocolate MOOSE shake
Favourite TV Show: Bullwinkle
Favourite things in Moose Jaw: Warriors Hockey Games, McDonalds Play Place, shopping on main street and visiting the tunnels
Favourite Songs: “YMCA”, “Thunderstruck”, “Stayin’ Alive”
Favourite Celebrity: Don Cherry 
Heroes: Every Warrior!

Daily routine: Up at 9:00 to work out with the Warriors (at least cheer them on), climbs stairs in Mosaic Place to practice for games, goes for a morning skate to practice the “Morty” dance, heads to the spa to get relaxed, stops by the Warriors office to visit, back to the rink for practise at 2:15, heads home to Wakamow at 5:30, eats supper while checking out the Warriors website and social media feeds and off to bed at 9:00

Hobbies: Watching EVERY Warriors game or listening to away games on Country 100, HOCKEY, going to the Rider games with Gainer, reading books, skating with friends down at Wakamow and watching You Tube for new dance moves.
Best Friends: Cooper the Co-op Bear, Ronald McDonald and Gainer the Gopher